Kashmiri Chilies- The Wonderful Red Delight
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kashmiri red chillies

Kashmiri Chilies- The Wonderful Red Delight that enriches lives with their flavor and health benefits.

One knows Kashmir as a beautiful and colorful paradise; it’s not just the sight but its flavorful food products as well. From the popular saffron that’s being used worldwide, Kashmir has given us another spice to cherish and color our lives with- The Red Chili. This chili powder is really mild and is more like a red dye used especially to color the food items.

Though it is grown in many parts of the world, but the Kashmir originated spice is of prime quality and most looked for variety. It may be low on heat but not in its health benefits.

kashmiri red chili powder| lal mirch powder

Kashmiri chilies are rich in Vitamin C and are readily available at almost every general store near you. Being rich in the vitamin, it is a good source to improve your immunity and also the digestion ability. As we are aware of how important anti-oxidants are for us humans, it excites more to know that even chilies can be rich in the same. The Kashmiri red chili is a rich source of anti-oxidants and its regular use can be helpful in keeping one’s health much protected.

Another important health benefit of this spice is its being a good source of minerals such as magnesium, iron, manganese and potassium. Hence, the Kashmiri red chili improves the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood and aids for controlling the loss of excessive bodily fluids.

Who would have thought of red chilies improving anyone’s memory though; red chilies are lavish source of Vitamin B Complex and therefore good to keep up a healthy brain. Moreover, Kashmiri chilies are really good to get a glowing skin, healthy hair and strong nails.

kashmiri red chili| whole red chili| dried red chili

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It has a distinctive flavor and is mildly hot as compared to other forms of chilies available, which makes them a perfect choice of chefs as well. True Kashmiri chilies are in serious demands and rare to be found with premium quality and standards as approved. Valleycraft feels contended to present you with the purest form of Kashmiri red chilies direct from the heavenly land and with the most economical prices. It is really easy to find the purest form of these amazing chilies. They are cone-shaped, medium in their size, in dark red color and have some wrinkled appearance. The best part to notice is that these chilies are supplemented with least amount of pesticides and are much affluent with a nice color in comparison to any other red chilly as available in India.

Kashmiri Red chili is a magical spice that imparts a beautiful color and a delicious flavor to the dishes. If you need to pep up the quality of your food, just add this amazing spice and enrich your palate.