Kashmiri Walnuts 1Kg

Kashmiri Walnuts 1Kg

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Kashmir is one of the most renowned cultivator and exporter of walnuts within the country and abroad. While you continue to look for the label “organic” in super marts, Kashmiri walnuts are certified organic.

Hilly regions provide environment conducive for the plantation of walnuts. India, undoubtedly is bestowed with the best topography for cultivating walnuts. Kashmir though, is considered to be the major contributor towards the production of best quality walnuts.

The unique taste and aroma of walnuts make them one of the most demanded dry fruit globally. In addition to this, walnuts offer a plethora of health benefits proving themselves as a wonder snack!

Walnuts- Health Benefits

  • Improves Brain Health
  • Maintains a Healthy heart
  • Lowers susceptibility to Type 2 diabetes
  • Eliminates the risk of Cancer
  • Improves memory and learning skills
  • Maintaining beautiful skin
  • Aids in weight management & so on..
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